On the property of Hotel Silva Oliva can be found over 15 different orchid varieties. In the region around Lake Bafa there are over 60 different orchid varieties.

Some Orchid Varieties found on our property:

  • Anacamptis pyramidalis
  • Ophrys lesbis
  • Ophrys speculum
  • Ophrys umbilicata
  • Ophrys iricolor
  • Ophrys lutea ssp. minor
  • Ophrys fusca
  • Orchis anatolica
  • Orchis sancta
  • Orchis italica
  • Orchis morio ssp. Picta
  • Orchis papilionacea
  • Orchis coriophora
  • Orchis coriophora ssp. fragrans
  • Serapias bergonii