Served from 8:00 to 12:00

Turkish Breakfast25.00 TL
Village Cheese, Tulum Cheese, Çökelek Cheese, Pastry with wild Herbs, Black and Green Olives from the Garden, Village Eggs, Village Butter, Herbs, Homemade Marmelade, Honey, Homemade Bread, Tee or Coffee
Omlette9.00 TL
Fried Village Eggs6.00 TL
Fried Eggs With Turkish Salami10.00 TL
Omlette With Herbs From The Garden10.00 TL
Omelette With Cheese10.00 TL
Omelette With Turkish Salami13.00 TL
Scrambeled Eggs With Vegetables13.00 TL
With Tomato, Onions and Green Pepper
Snacks and Appetizer
Toast With Cheese7.00 TL
Toast With Turkish Salami9.00 TL
Toast With Cheese And Turkish Salami10.00 TL
Turkish Filled Pocket Of Thin Pastry9.00 TL
Cheese Plate12.00 TL
Soup Of The Day10.00 TL
French Fries10.00 TL
Fried Cheese Rolls10.00 TL

Changes Daily

Aubergine Salad10.00 TL
Beans With Tomatoes10.00 TL
Fresh Beans10.00 TL
Yogurt With Spices10.00 TL
Pickled Beetroot10.00 TL
Hot Pepper Puree10.00 TL
Broad Beans With Dill10.00 TL
Greek Salad16.00 TL
Aegean Salad16.00 TL
Garden Salad12.00 TL
Sheperds Salad12.00 TL
Seasons Salad11.00 TL
Salad With Chicken19.00 TL
Grilled Eel30.00 TL
Gilt-Head Bream30.00 TL
Sea Bass30.00 TL
Mullet25.00 TL
Smoked Eel30.00 TL
Main Dishes
Meat Balls24.00 TL
Lamb Shish36.00 TL
Meat Sauté With Tomatoes36.00 TL
Lamb Chops42.00 TL
Lamb contrafilet Shish42.00 TL
Grilled Chicken18.00 TL
Chicken Shish18.00 TL
Mixed Grill39.00 TL
Soft Drinks
Mineral Water2.00 TL
Lemonade4.00 TL
Turkish Yoghurt Drink4.00 TL
Milk4.00 TL
Small Water (0.5l)1.00 TL
Big Water (1.5l)3.00 TL
Coca Cola, Cola Light, Cola Zero5.00 TL
Fanta, Sprite, Ice Tea5.00 TL
Grape Juice 100%5.00 TL
Hot Beverages
Glass Tea2.00 TL
Cup Tea3.00 TL
Green Tea4.00 TL
Herbal Tea4.00 TL
Turkish Coffee6.00 TL
Nescafé6.00 TL
Mocha8.00 TL
Cappuccino9.00 TL
Ice Coffee9.00 TL
Alcoholic Drinks
Efes Beer (0.5 l)15.00 TL
Tuborg (0.5 l)15.00 TL
Single Rakı (4 cl)15.00 TL
Double Rakı (8 cl)25.00 TL
20 cl Rakı Bottle60.00 TL
35 cl Rakı Bottle90.00 TL
50 cl Rakı Bottle125.00 TL
70 cl Rakı Bottle160.00 TL
White Wine
Glass Table Wine18.00 TL
Angora (0.7 l)70.00 TL
Narince (0.7 l)95.00 TL
Red Wine
Glass Table Wine18.00 TL
Angora (0.7 l)70.00 TL
Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası (0.7 l)95.00 TL
Rosé Wine
Lâl (0.7 l)70.00 TL